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Join us on our Grand Adventure.

The Pups And Us


We are a "salty dog", his "shore wench", and two amazing rescue pups setting out on a travel adventure to see if we can learn to saunter after 66+ years (combined) working "to secure our future".   

We are ready to go all "Frank Sinatra" on #OurGrand Adventure.  We will be 


focused on #AdvenutresInLifeIsGood

#AcknowledgeBeautytpu #CelebrateLove



Come join us!

On A Grand Adventure


We are off to explore this diverse and beautiful country of ours.   Have RV; will travel.  

We plan to explore all 49 states, Canada and Mexico.  

We will detour for National Parks, pasture raised proteins, good wine, local brews (coffee & beer), live music, great food, historic baseball parks, football stadiums, concert venues, and Our Peeps  long standing Peeps and Peeps we meet along the way.   

We think this lifestyle is going to suit US AND THE PUPs well.   

Follow along, share your wisdom, tell us about your local treasures we should not miss out on!   

Living A Real Live


We will blog, YouTube and post about the why's and how's of creating and sustaining Our Grand Adventure our way.   We're hitting the road knowing we have two big personalities, well formed opinions and two rescue pups that all add to the balancing act of a real life well lived in about 400 square rolling down the road.  

  We plan to share how we keep it all in balance (big picture) our relationship with each other and each of our amazing pups, and our relationships with #OurPeeps and  the world.   All while traveling, sticking to the budget, working, and volunteering while on the road.    Did I mention it will be a Grand Adventure?  

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