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Who Are The ThePupsAndUs?

Let Me Make The Introductions ..

I am Wendy and we are ThePupsAndUs. David, Wendy, Ari and Maryn.  Two humans and two dogs setting out on a Grand Adventure!   We have decided it is time to go all Frank Sinatra on life and do the next chapter "our way" (instead of My Way) after years of doing things the way we were raised to believe it has to be done;  " hard to secure your future...".    

Summer of 2017 offered us two turns of events that happened in rapid succession resulting in David being without a job for the first time in his whole life.  The rigors of job hunting in his field at 61 years old were daunting.   Age discrimination is real!   That awareness having come home to roost combined with other factors in our life set us to thinking about how we were going to make lemonade out of lemons.  David has earned two retirements that are already paying out,  his 30 years of service to our Nation in the U.S. Navy affords us healthcare that is very affordable and  we are pretty much clear of debt.     I am dealing with a wicked chronic illness that allopathic and natural medicine are struggling to slow down and both of our pups are youngish at the moment.  All that combines to nudge us toward NOW being a  good a time for Our Grand Adventure.  

We dug deep into our financial details.  What would living on retirement income along side of mobilizing Wendy's work and income look like?  Then we spent about a year researching costs, talking with real life people who were currently off on similar adventures to our plans.   We watched hours and hours and hours of YouTube videos; learning, learning, learning!  We are so grateful for those who have gone before us!     And about a year into our research it turns out the whole "work hard to secure your future" theory pays off!   After a few suggestions and adjustment even our financial planner blessed the embarking on the new chapter.    

As we thinned the house, found the perfect truck, (we love her), sold our current RV so we didn't have to pay winter storage,  migrated our accounts and all things possible to digital vs. snail mail, re-homed precious items, gave away things, sold things, decided on a 5th vs our old Class C or any of the other options, researched the best (for us) 5th wheel manufacturer, the best dealership to purchase from, the best insurance, connectivity of phones, internet, prescriptions and doctors on the road,  how we will find local pasture raised proteins and dairy, local organic produce, raw food for The Pups, how to make money online ....   

AND then we realized like with  so with so many other things in life it is not just about us. Our going off on a Grand Adventure has to include  - the obvious The Pups; Ari and Maryn, Us; David and Wendy  AND it has to include in meaningful ways our precious memories, a few precious items and OUR long standing PEEPS.  

Peeps you may ask; yes Peeps.   Let me tell you about Our Peeps.  They are the magic that make our lives awesome, at a few junctures it has felt like our Peeps have made our life possible.    Our Peeps are the people who enrich our lives by sharing their passion, ideas, support, encouragement, wisdom; love with us. They are the ones who are invested enough to ask the uncomfortable questions and who know and love us enough to show up when the going is great AND not so great.    Peeps are where it is at in the life of ours.       Having Peeps and being a Peep is a way of life for ThePupsAndUs, so of course Our Peeps are coming on the Grand Adventure with us!!   Follow along and see how we keep those relationships alive, well and honored.   

As a visitor here, you have dipped your toe into the world of ThePupsAndUs,  WELCOME!   Thank you for visiting we hope you decide to hang out with us, for at least a little while.  Bookmark our website,  keep up with us on your favorite Social Media site(s).  We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube as ThePupsAndUs (Twitter forced us into the ThePupsAndUs1).  We look for to getting to know you!   

Our Peeps, i.e. YOU are an important part of this Grand Adventure.   As we move on from our community to venture out into YOUR community you will help us keep our finger on the pulse of great places to visit, the local scene at each new place we arrive, activities and places where The Pups are welcome, the coolest Farmers Markets, the tastiest local brews (coffee and beer), the best local  art and music .... 

We are totally excited to meet folks along the way, to see, to hear, to taste, to experience the best YOUR local scene has to offer!     

Wendy, David, Ari and Maryn!! 


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We hope to meet oodles of
Peeps, old and new while we are
Out And About on our Grand Adventure.  

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